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Brand: Honma
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Honma BERES S03 Driver

Honma Beres S03 Driver is made for the average players seeking "Straight and Smart" performance. It is a new and improved model to the ever popular S-01 and S-02 Beres drivers.  It was made with optimal CG for a strong, high trajectory and a optimum spin rate to achieve a straighter ball flight.  Players can expect superior feel with enhanced forgiveness on off center hits.  This driver would work best for players looking to reduce a slice and achieve a straighter and higher carry distance.  

Features and Technology

5 piece head with a crown made of 3AL-2.5V, a Forged G4-Ti sole and their new Alpha beta Ti alloy Ti-5N found in the face.  (This means a lighter overall weight along with enhanced feel and sound.)

- Optimally placed weighting with a slightly closed face angle for producing a straight to slightly drawing shot shape.

- New Forge-Cast Mesh and Rib structure for reduced weight and vibration absorption for lowered CG and enhanced feel with each shot.

-Optimally placed sole weight that deepens MOI and assists in lowering CG for an easy strong, high trajectory.

- Variable thickness face design to help enhance feel on well struck shots while reducing distance loss on off center hits.

- The "sweet spot" of the face is designed to align directly in the center of the face at address to assist with alignment and add consistency to every shot.

The Beres S-03 comes standard with Honma's ARMRQ8 45, 49, or 54 carbon shafts depending on the specs you need.  

ARMRQ8 45- low kick

ARMRQ8 49- low/mid kick

ARMRQ8 54- mid kick

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